Air Realty Arrives in PEI

Air Realty is live in PEI!

Air Realty has teamed up with Marion Endert, the owner and broker of Bluefield realty.  Her independent brokerage team will be providing Air List options to independent sellers of Prince Edward Island.

Growing up with sand in her shoes, Marion discovered Prince Edward Island where real estate values are still incredibly attractive when compared to most other Canadian and international markets.

Conveniently close by airplane, car or ferry from the mainland, this peaceful Maritime destination is steeped in Island traditions, is rich in cultural events, and offers over 800 km (500 miles) of the most spectacular beaches in Canada. But the hidden gems are the outstanding properties at incredible valuations.

Marion is committed that her clients achieve their real estate goals, and she is eager to help them find the sand in their shoes.

Check out the Bluefield Realty team.