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How Much Money Do I Save?

With Air Realty you save 50% of the listing commission

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Why Air Realty?

With Air Realty you Save money, have secure transactions, and regulated forms.

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How Easy Is It To List?

You can fill out the listing forms in as little as 15 minutes. Typically, listings go live within 24 hours.

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Air Realty Empowers You to Be Your Own Agent

Air Realty saves you thousands when selling your house and is the easiest way to independently list your property on the MLS and Selling your house with Air Realty means you and your savings are protected. A licensed buyer agent will contact you directly for showings. Negotiating directly with licensed buyer agents means you have the protection of the Real Estate board and access to the government regulated forms. Thinking of privately selling? List and save thousands with Air Realty.

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You Save 50% of the listing commission when you sell your house with Air Realty. That can mean a savings of upwards of $5,000 to $50,000.

Attract Buyers and Save Thousands is the #1 most visited real estate website in Canada. To get your property seen, you need to be on Air Realty lists your property on and the MLS ® for as low as $299 per month.

240 million visits each year on

Don’t be left behind, get on and the MLS ® today with Air Realty.

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Success Stories

Annie and Will Saved Thousands in Fees

“We thoroughly enjoyed our experience with listing our property with Air Realty. They responded quickly to all our questions and gave us lots of support and were so very amenable when we wanted to make changes to our listing (whether photos or description etc.). Highly recommend them – saved us thousands in fees – house sold very quickly. Having the ability of putting our properly on MLS and at such a small fee to get the exposure needed to sell our property was incredible. Thank you Air Realty! You are providing a great service.”

Jaki Listed, Sold, and Saved!

I successfully sold my property and saved significant $.

The process was easy to follow and any questions or assistance requested was answered promptly.

I have already referred Air Realty to others and will continue to do so.

I will not hesitate to use this service again,

Best regards,

Jaki Fraser, Annapolis Valley, NS

Carol Sold Her House In 14 Days

Carole’s Air List Story

I would highly recommend using Air Realty to sell your home. Our house sold in 14 days. By using air Realty I was able to act as the selling agent so saved on the 3% commission.

We used the online registration form and then uploaded our photos and house information. Air Realty then organised the information and posted our listing on MLS.

Air Realty provided all the necessary information regarding the steps involved in selling our home. They were readily available to answer questions and email real estate forms as requested.

I will definitely use their services again in any future sales!

Air Realty is the Only Brokerage of Its Kind in Canada

Air Realty is a licensed real estate brokerage, which means you are protected. Since launching as a licensed real estate brokerage in July of 2017 in Nova Scotia Canada Air Realty has helped many Canadian homeowners list and sell their property.

Homeowners looking to independently sell their property should not be forced to use a listing agent. Privately selling your property should not mean Buyer agents run and hide when they see your house listed for sale. The Air Listing allows for homeowners to sell their property without a listing agent and Buyer agents contact them directly for showings.

Buyers will contact their real estate agent to schedule a showing. Buyer agents have access to your contact information in the back end of the MLS. Buyer agents will contact you directly to schedule a showing time.