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Air Realty is a licensed real estate brokerage, which means you are protected. Since launching as a licensed real estate brokerage in July of 2017 in Nova Scotia Canada Air Realty has helped many Canadian homeowners list and sell their property.

About Us

Joshua Svec created Air Realty because there were no options like it available when he was looking to sell his property. His passion for real estate was sparked in 2009 while completing his Masters Degree in Coaching. Joshua purchased a triplex property and rented out the top while living in the basement during his studies. From there, Joshua went on to be heavily involved with real estate investing and property management. Frustrated with poor results using others when it came to selling, Joshua decided to launch his own real estate brokerage with a simple goal in mind: make the homeowner the customer.

Joshua’s passion for real estate has landed him on the Nova Scotia Real Estate board of directors for the Halifax Dartmouth region. His goal is to provide guidance to keep organized real estate in the province pointed in the right direction.

Homeowners looking to independently sell their property should not be forced to use a listing agent. Privately selling your property should not mean Buyer agents run and hide when they see your house listed for sale. The Air Listing allows for homeowners to sell their property without a listing agent and Buyer agents contact them directly for showings.

The Air Realty team has an extreme passion for real estate but they also have a passion for their communities, passions for where they live and a passion for Nova Scotia (including the waves).  That really comes across in the service and the professionalism we display to our customers each and every day.