Sellers | 3 Steps You Need To Take After A Showing

3 steps you need to take after showings

You have taken beautiful photos, written a killer property description, and have your property listed on the MLS ® for exposure.

Now what?

Buyers should start rolling through the door.

When you get a buyer lead to physically come to your house for a viewing, it is a huge step and it means you are doing something right.

But, if offers are not coming in, you may need to make some adjustments.

Check out the following article for easy actions to take following showings.

These 3 steps will help set yourself up for a successful sale.

Step 1: Ask for Feedback

For agents, it is getting harder and harder to get feedback on showings from other agents within the industry.

If you are selling independently, or have an agent, make sure to actually ask the buyer agent or buyer’s for some feedback regarding their showing.

Seriously, you will need to say, “can you please provide me with some feedback on your showing.”

However you were communicating with the buyer before, do the same to get in touch with them.

Buyer feedback can be extremely helpful to get a pulse of what people are searching for in our market.

The more buyer information you can gather the more equipped you can be to make adjustments.

Step 2: Make Adjustments

Take that feedback and put it to work!

Now, you can only do so much in certain situations. For example, if a buyer is looking for an open concept kitchen / living room you are not going to start knocking down some walls.

But, if they say the house was too cluttered or needed a fresh coat of paint, these may be items you can consider changing.

Step 3: Follow Up

Stay organized and keep a list of all buyers that step through your door.

Email or cell phone, it does not matter, as long as you can follow up with them regarding their buying journey.

A great time to check in with a previous buyer who viewed your property is after you have made an adjustment to your listing.

Maybe you have lowered the price, or have decided to throw in the furniture with the purchase. Whatever it may be, keep those buyers informed.

You never know, an adjustment you make could be a major difference for them and could be a motivating factor for them to put in an offer.


Getting buyers through your door is a huge win. Do not miss out on the opportunity to pursue these leads.

Put these steps into action to increase your chances of a successful sale!