Rolls Out An Upgrade Upgrade

If you are looking to buy a property is the most popular site to browse in Canada.

Buyers trust for information when they are shopping for their next home.

The numbers don’t lie:

97% of visitors use the site and app as their primary or secondary source for viewing property listings in Canada.

92% of Canadians are aware of and see it as the go-to place when buying a home.

It racks in over 240 million visits each year. recently updated its site with some fancy improvements.

We dive into the changes below.

School Information

Searching in your desired neighbourhood you will notice has made some upgrades to the mapping.

You can switch on the “School” information to see where the local schools are in relation to your search.

This can be a huge help for families searching for their next home.

Neighbourhood Map

Once you click on a property, you have the option to choose “neighbourhood”. This will let you check out nearby parks, grocery stores, shopping and even nightlife.

There are also some other helpful stats like quiet level and walkability.

Listing Design

The listing design has been updated to a larger display on your screen, allowing for more room for the pictures and information.

This is a welcome improvement and makes viewing the listing cuts more enjoyable.


It was great to see some changes get rolled out for

They have taken a step in the right direction.

It gives me hope that they continue to roll out some updates to continue to improve the search experience for buyers across Canada.