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Private Selling

Air Realty is a 2020 HALIFAX BUSINESS AWARDS Finalist

Air Realty is a 2020 Halifax Business Award Finalist for Innovative Business!   The Halifax Business Awards is the Chamber’s most glamorous event of

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Showing Time for Air List Sellers

Air Realty is now setting up Showing Time for Air List sellers. Easily approve, schedule and keep track of showings from Licensed buyer agents

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Kitec Plumbing Back in the Spotlight

Kitec plumbing has been making waves this month. Back in the nations spotlight, the news has been bringing awareness to homeowners. See the CBC

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conditions in a real estate offer

How To Handle Conditions In A Real Estate Offer

The offer is ticking.  Every Agreement of Purchase and Sale has an expiry date. This is typically found on the last page of the

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real estate transaction

How a Real Estate Transaction Works

No need to scramble when an offer comes in. You are in control. For those sellers (and buyers) who have never experienced the rush

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privately sell property

5 Steps To Privately Sell Your Property and Save

When it comes to selling your house everyone wants the same thing. We want to sell for the most money possible, as quickly as

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3 steps you need to take after showings

Sellers | 3 Steps You Need To Take After A Showing

You have taken beautiful photos, written a killer property description, and have your property listed on the MLS ® for exposure. Now what? Buyers

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Real Estate Conditions

Conditions Date vs. Closing Date

When structuring the time frame of an offer dates are crucial. There is a date for submitting the deposit, lawyer review, inspection, financing, water

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Listing Property

Quick Start Guide to Listing Your Property

Selling your property independently without a listing agent will help you save thousands of dollars in commission fees. However, without an agent to guide

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Closing Day

What Happens on Closing Day

Good news, the buyer has waived conditions, negotiations are finished and all that’s left is closing day! Your house is as good as sold,

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Air Realty Commission

Real Estate Commissions | Air Realty QuickTip

Josh answers a frequent question asked by Air Realty customers regarding real estate commissions.   Watch the Video Below If you have questions regarding

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when buyers walk

Case Study From the Trenches: When Buyers Walk

Introduction by Josh Svec One thing I have learned in real estate is you can read all the books and listen to all the

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Independent Selling is the New FSBO

To an agent, the mention of a FSBO might make them shutter. The For Sale By Owner (FSBO) is a property to be avoided.

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tools for real estate

4 Tools for Real Estate Private Sellers

From time management, to e-signatures, there are a ton of tools for real estate out there to help independent sellers. It’s all on you

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How To Price Your Property

How To Price Your Property

I was joined by David Dawood CRA, a residential appraiser and owner of Abacus Residential Appraisals, Inc. to discuss how to price a property. David has been appraising houses in

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MLS and

5 Websites Your Property Goes To When Listed On The MLS ®

What is the MLS ® ? The MLS is a cooperative selling system operated and promoted by local real estate boards. Real estate agents

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