Air Realty Welcomes Another New Agent to its Growing Team

Single mom and seasoned property manager, Jessica Sherman, 27, has worked hard to make her dreams come true. And now, she hopes to do the same for others as the newest real estate agent for Air Realty, a growing and unique brokerage based out of Dartmouth. 

“I’ve always been interested in real estate,” Sherman says, adding that her mother used to sell real estate, so she caught the bug early on.

Apart from her extensive university education at both Saint Mary’s University and internationally, at Beijing Normal University, Sherman has worked as a property manager for a number of large companies in the province, including Killam properties, where she was a resident manager and TreePad Property Management, a leading property management company in Nova Scotia that specializes in student rentals, where she continues to act as the vice president of property management.

And now, starting in the New Year, Sherman will be bringing all of her experience to the table as a real estate agent.

“I wrote the exam Dec. 13 and can happily say I found out I passed on Dec. 23,” she says, adding that she can’t wait to dive into the business.

“I think that my years working in property management at various levels and my deep understanding of the younger generation, can bring a unique perspective to Air Realty,” says Sherman.

Originally from the Annapolis Valley, Sherman moved to Halifax in 2012. She says she is really interested in investment properties. “I have always been curious about investing in real estate but we will see how things naturally progress as I start working in the industry,” she explains.

In the meantime, Sherman says she thinks she can bring a vibrant perspective to Air Realty and the industry in general. “Growing up surrounded by different generations, I have a good understanding of what people are looking for. Right now, not everyone is looking to buy a home. Condos are selling well, especially with younger couples and people looking to downsize or retire,” says Sherman.

She adds that Halifax is booming right now and she thinks the real estate market will continue to be a seller’s market into 2020. “Halifax is definitely growing and I think more people are looking to buy, although there are a lot of people who are looking for more affordable properties.” 

As to why Sherman chose to work for Air Realty she says, “I really like that it’s different and offers people an alternative model for selling their homes.” 

Air Realty, a licenced brokerage, which launched in 2009, is the brainchild of Joshua Svec. Listing your property with Air Realty allows homeowners to not only complete everything online, but to also sell their property without a listing agent and buyer agents can also contact them directly for showings. It was built on the premise of making the homeowner the customer, says Sherman.

While Sherman is definitely eager to jump into the market, she says she also understands that making connections takes time. And being no stranger to hard work, she looks forward to building new relationships. 

“I see real estate as a wonderful opportunity to combine my experience so far with my passion for the industry to help others.”

To reach out to Jessica for any real estate needs please contact: