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Air Realty is a 2020 HALIFAX BUSINESS AWARDS Finalist

Air Realty is a 2020 Halifax Business Award Finalist for Innovative Business!   The Halifax Business Awards is the Chamber’s most glamorous event of

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Showing Time for Air List Sellers

Air Realty is now setting up Showing Time for Air List sellers. Easily approve, schedule and keep track of showings from Licensed buyer agents

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Kitec Plumbing Back in the Spotlight

Kitec plumbing has been making waves this month. Back in the nations spotlight, the news has been bringing awareness to homeowners. See the CBC

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property management

Property Management is the Reason You Don’t Invest in Real Estate

One major factor that continues to hold back inspiring investors from taking the leap into real estate investing is the fear of property management.

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real estate investing

Take the Leap | How To Start Your Real Estate Investment Journey

Thinking about putting some savings into an investment property? A lot of questions may be swimming around your head right now. Real estate investing

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Fixed Term LEase

Leases | Fixed term vs Periodic

Finding great tenants for your real estate investments is one of the most important aspects to creating a cash flow business. Bad tenants cost

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cash flow properties

5 Tips for Purchasing Cash Flow Properties

There are 3 ways to make money investing in real estate: Selling for Profit, Mortgage Paydown, and Monthly Cash Flow. Selling for a profit

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when buyers walk

Case Study From the Trenches: When Buyers Walk

Introduction by Josh Svec One thing I have learned in real estate is you can read all the books and listen to all the

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Net Operating Income

3 Ways to Improve Your Net Operating Income

Increasing your Net Operating Income (NOI) means more monthly cash flow. I am all about cash flow properties. They are my long term goals

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Cap Rate

Calculating The Cap Rate For Your Rental Property

Every investor should know how to calculate the cape rate for their rental property. The capitalization (cap) rate is a commonly used method to

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How to Find Safety in Scary Real Estate Times

The following is a guest blog post By Henry J. Svec, Founder Greener Project Development Inc.   You live in Vancouver, Toronto, London or

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How To Screen Tenants

How To Screen Tenants For Real Estate Investors

Screening potential tenants for your investment property is the most important step to making sure your life, and your current tenants lives, are much

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