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Download the 30 page playbook to learn how to get from 0 to SOLD selling independently and SAVING THOUSANDS!

What You’ll Learn:

How independent selling will save you 50% of commission payouts.

Learn step-by-step the entire process from listed to SOLD.

What to watch for in the offer, pitfalls to avoid from buyer agents.

How to prepare your home to maximize your profit.

“It’s 2019 and times are changing. There is no longer a need for there to be 2 agents in a deal, both making thousands of dollars on a transaction in which the seller must pay. I am on a mission to teach Canadians to sell their own home and save thousands of dollars doing it!”

Download the playbook to get clear on how selling your home privately
can save you thousands of dollars!

Get the playbook that will tell you EXACTLY
how to sell your home privately and make big
money doing it!

Copyright 2018 Air Realty Ltd – All rights reserved.

Copyright 2019 Air Realty Ltd – All rights reserved.